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Apply For a Home Loan

Use our Loan Consultant to find out more about our loan products and rates before you enter your application. We will collect a $20.00 credit report fee at the beginning of your application process. First mortgage pre-approval (TBD) applications submitted and denied will receive a refund of their $20.00 credit report fee. You will be asked for the member number to withdraw the funds from along with a selection of either your savings or checking account.

To inquire about the financing of an Investment property, please contact our Business Lending Department through the following link:

To apply for your easy online loan, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions about yourself, your property, income, debts and assets.  As you are filling in the application, if you find yourself short on time you may save the application to review and complete at a later date. After submitting your application, various loan programs may allow you to receive an immediate online credit approval.

Escrow for taxes and insurance will be included on all of our mortgage loan products unless approval has been granted to waive the escrow requirements.  Escrow for Flood Insurance however, cannot be waived if in zone A or V.

Please be sure to consent to online disclosures during the application process to reduce the mailing time for all future disclosures for this mortgage transaction.


  • Before You Start

    How long will it take?

    On average it takes 15-20 minutes.

    What will I need?

    Here are some simple checklists:

  • Your Application

    Need some help?

    Look on the right-hand side of the screen for some helpful hints.

    Short On Time?

    You can save your application at any point and come back later.

  • Once You're Finished

    What happens next?

    Some programs may give you instant online approval.

    If that's not an option?

    Your application will be under review, login at any time to see the current status of your application.

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